PlayStation 3

Nom completStatutNoteDisponibilitéHub
1Alone in the Dark, Inferno100%10/20
2Battlefield 4100%19/20
3Borderlands 20%N/C
4Call of Duty, Black Ops100%15/20
5Call of Duty, Black Ops 2100%17/20
7Crysis 3100%19/20
8Dead Island100%18/20
9Dead Island, Riptide0%N/C
10Dead Space100%19/20
11Dead Space 3100%18/20
12Farcry 3100%19/20
13Fear 2, Project Origin100%18/20
14Grand Theft Auto IV100%18/20
15Grand Theft Auto IV : Episodes From Liberty City0%N/C
16Grand Theft Auto V100%19/20VenduDossier
17Hitman Absolution100%18/20
19Hydrophobia Prophecy100%15/20
20Killzone 2100%18/20
21Killzone 3100%18/20
22Mass Effect0%N/C
23Mass Effect 2100%19/20
24Mass Effect 3100%19/20
25Max Payne 3100%18/20
26Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns of the Patriots100%18/20
27Minecraft : PlayStation 3 EditionN/C18/20
28Pumped BMX +0%N/C
30Red Dead Redemption0%N/C
31Red Faction Armageddon100%14/20
32Red Faction Guerilla100%19/20
33Resident Evil100%19/20
34Resident Evil 0100%19/20
35Resident Evil 5100%19/20
36Resident Evil : Opérations Racoon City100%18/20
37Silent Hill Downpour100%18/20
38The Last of US100%19/20
39Tomb Raider Underworld100%18/20
41Uncharted 2 : Among Thief100%18/20
42Uncharted 3 : Drake's Fortune100%18/20

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